5 Benefits of an Incident Management Platform

“Is Incident Management System really needed?” We keep frequently hearing this question from our customers about the real value of an incident management platform. Most of the small & mid-level companies mention to us that their businesses are doing well […]

How To Setup Process Supervisor runit?

I’ve been exploring a few new (to me!) technologies recently and runit is one that I’ve come away really impressed with. Linux distros have a few competing init services available: Upstart, systemd, runit or creaky old sysvinit. Having researched all […]

3 Things To Prepare Yourself Before Platform Outage

Had any issues recently with #VodafoneDown or #WhatsappDown? #WhatsappDown was trending on Twitter recently on Jan 19th, 2020 with roughly about 8,256 Tweets in a span of few hours and over 2,500 reports and complaints. Users reported issues with sending […]